Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things that Made ME Happy this Week

Wow what a week. Thankfully it was a short one and tomorrow morning I head to the beach with Val!! Woohoo!


Val has been my beach (or vacation) buddy for close to 7-ish years.  I’m not certain how long, but it’s been a while. Ever since college, when my parents stopped including the kids (and their friends) in their vacation plans, we started going on annual Ocean City Weekend trips. Last year we brought the boys, and that was fun and all, but this year it’s all about the girls!


Which is perfect timing since Val just got engaged last weekend!!! Wooohooo, so exited!

Anyway, moving back to the things that made me happy this week.

One: The Royal Wedding Line from David’s Bridal.



Ok, I admit it, I am a little obsessed with the Royals. And while I will not be running to my nearest David’s to buy this dress, I may try it on the next time I am at David’s… Don’t judge me! From the website, I am very impressed with how look-a-like these dresses are. If I was rollin’ in the dough I would so buy one of these dresses for Halloween. But, alas, I am not, therefore I can just admire from afar.

ps: did you notice the model is wearing a blue sapphire like Kate?

Two: Oreos… I love Oreos. This is the one cookie I can honestly say I enjoy and satisfy my sweet tooth only after having two. Or, at least, recently…


I let Jay be my photograph this evening and look what happened. Apparently Jay loves them too! No wonder my cookies were disappearing!

Three: The picture Jay took of himself eating Oreo’s makes me happy! Actually Jay in general makes me happy, but y’all already knew.

Four: BodyPump! Ok ok, I know, I know this is like the fourth random post where I have declared my love to BodyPump, but it is well deserved. Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed and to class at 6 a.m. Best decision of that day! I felt great and was a lot more optimistic about the day.

Five: Mary made me dinner last night… need I say more. BEST ROOMMATE EVER!!


Six: Tonight I am at my parents house watching Star Wars Episode V… We watched Episode IV on Father’s Day and I didn’t realize how many details.. ok the entire plot… I had forgotten. Tonight, May the dork be with you!

What made you happy this week?