Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visiting Vendors Without Breaking the Bank

Planning a wedding in Baltimore while living in DC can be rough! Most vendors are only available during the week to talk about our upcoming wedding because (and understandably so) they have weddings on the weekends!! Then add in the horrific Baltimore Washington traffic and we quickly realized we have a problem.


After evaluating our schedules, Jay and I decided the best way to tackle our vendor dilemma was to just take a day off and do it. Therefore poor Jay spent one of his precious days on break vendor shopping and I sacrificed one of my Fridays off. In the end it wasn’t ALL that bad since each photographer we met with tried to wow us.

We started our adventure on Thursday after work. I don’t know about y’all but I do not do well when I’m hungry!! With a little help from Groupon, we had our first meal at BGR The Burger Joint for $3.16!!! Plus the $4 for each Groupon.


This meal was the perfect dinner and carried my tummy through our first photographer interview and X-Men: First Class with my dad.

The next morning we continued our adventure with bellies full of gourmet bread from my mom’s house. With our cooler packed with soda and some snacks we drove downtown Baltimore for our first meet-up.


About 4 hours and 2 photographers later, we were ready for lunch! And what better way to enjoy it than Buy One Burger, Get One Free!?!?!


I found this deal through the blog I Could Use a Deal. I signed up for the e-mail club and got this nice little e-mail. The coupon worked like a charm and brought our total lunch to $12.00 after tip (I left her about $3). With our bellies full, we headed to see our 3rd photographer for the day.


Our final meal was also thanks to I Could Use a Deal. As I mentioned above, I do not do well hungry. Going into our whirl-wind day, I knew our last photographer was my favorite, so I didn’t want my grumpy tummy to spoil our last meeting. Not quite as hungry as earlier, Jay and I hit-up Quiznos with our coupons in hand and bought 2 subs for $9.99.

At the end of the day, we spent $33. 15 for 3 meals for 2 people. Not bad if I say so myself!! And, more importantly, we found our photographer.  Want to hear about that?  Gotta wait until next week!

Did you visit all your vendors in one day or over several days?