Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tudor Secret

As the weather starts to warm up gets super hot, I thought y’all would enjoy a beach book review.

Now, this book isn’t your typical beach read. In fact I would recommend this book at any time of year. While it is a quick and fun read, it is also extremely interesting and well researched. I am talking about none other than C.W. Gortner’s newest book The Tudor Secret.


You may remember Gortner from last summer when I reviewed The Confession of Catherin De Medici. Like many of his books, The Tudor Secret is historical fiction. Unlike many of his books, The Tudor Secret is in the voice of a male. At first, I was not sure how I felt about the narrator being male. Then I really got into the book and began to enjoy the unique perspective on Elizabeth Tudor’s life.

Like Gortner’s other books, this novel is a page turner. He does an excellent job of combining history with fiction while entertaining the reader. There were several times I caught myself trying to read and walk to work because I just could NOT put the book down.

After such great success with The Tudor Secret and The Confession of Catherin De Medici, The Last Queen has been added to my summer reading list.

What are some books on your summer reading list?