Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to learning about a new topic, like many bloggers, I resort to something I know, BLOGS! This whole wedding planning nonsense shindig is stressful especially when you do not know where to start.

Tonight, I will share with you some of the resources I am using to plan my wedding. These sites are actually more than just blogs, they are essentially electronic wedding planners.


It probably comes at no surprise that one of my favorite resources is This website has a plethora of information! I have used it to find local venues, photographers, beauty salons, DJs and more. I can manage my to-do list and wedding budget while coordinating my guest list. I also love that you can scroll through other people’s “Real Weddings” for ideas and save them to my “Favorites”. Plus, it has a blog section called “The Knottie Diaries” and “New on the Knot"!! And guess who is currently blogging about their wedding for the knot?!?!?! Yup, Hangry Pants! This website makes it easy to house everything in one place.


Another favorite website is Wedding Wire. While this site has many of the same functionalities as the, I use it mostly for its information on vendors. I try to take reviews with a grain of salt as I have found not all reviews are authentic. For more on that topic visit Mrs. D’orsay’s post “Bribe the Bride?” Regardless, there is something to be said for reviews. This website lead me to cancel a meeting with one photographer due to a past of bad business practices. Wedding planning is stressful enough, at the end of the day why would I put myself in the position to worry about getting my wedding photos?


The next site that I love is Wedding Bee. This site incorporates all of my favorite things! Again, it has similar functions as the previous two, but this one is more blog-centric. Everything on this site revolves around blogging brides. One of my favorite finds is “’I Spy’ Cards” by Mrs. Meerkat. You better believe my guests will be seeing those on our tables!!

In lieu of space, next week I will continue with a post on my favorite wedding blogs. There are soo many!! It’s a whole new wedding blogging world out there!!

What is your favorite wedding planning site? and What is your favorite wedding blog?