Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomorrow is a NEW day

Today, I did not feel like going to work. And honestly, if I hadn’t packed my lunch the night before, who knows if I would have actually gone.

Today, I did not feel like going running, so I didn’t.


Today, I still didn’t feel like cleaning my room.


And even though I started to type out a post about California’s Route 1, I did not finish it. Instead, I can tell you that we did not feel our second campsite. With all due respect, our roommate whose itinerary we stole, did warn us that this site was not the best, but we went anyway. And you know what, she was right.


And even though we did not love Santa Cruz and our campsite at New Brighton State Beach, we did have a great vacation. And that is what is important.

And while, we may not always do the right things or the healthiest thing for our bodies, there is always tomorrow. And tomorrow is always a new day.