Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mt Vernon Slacker


A few months ago, I bought two tickets to Mt. Vernon through LivingSocial. Due to ankle injuries, sickness, work travel and vacation our tickets were put on the back-burner. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) our tickets expire this week making them a weekend priority.

As many of the National Marathon Runners know, DC was a bit chilly yesterday, but it was still nice to wear one of my favorite combinations: skinny jeans, uggs, sweater, puffy vest and a scarf. It was also nice to see sun (and wear sun glasses) after our wet week in California.


Despite the cool weather, Jay and I really enjoyed our visit. I think we were just anxious to get outside and walk around. We covered the entire estate!!!

My favorite, despite the line, was the mansion tour. The house had several (like 10) guest rooms. Visitors would go 20 miles out of their way to see the president. George Washington had an open door policy, so they allowed anyone to stay for a visit. It was not uncommon the years after his presidency to have a full house. Their house was such a revolving door that they had temporary beds they would pull down from the attic (kind of like the modern day air bed).


Another cool feature of the house was the outside. The house is originally made of wood. Washington wanted the house to look like stone so he had his servants paint the outside white and throw sand on it to give it the stone feeling.


Besides Mt. Vernon, this weekend was packed. Friday night we celebrated my roommates birthday with enchiladas and a 90’s cover band. A special shout out to a coworker who has been giving me all her extra kitchen-ware as she moves in with fiancĂ©. And she has given us a lot of stuff, from Tupperware, knife sets to the pan below. The pan pictured below made enchiladas a lot easier!! A special present is coming your way soon! Thank you!!!


Today, Jay and I accomplished our last long run before the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, Mt. Vernon, a blogger meet-up and dinner with Courtney. It was so nice to finally meet a bunch of DC bloggers and the bloggers and blog readers who came to DC for the National Half and Marathon. Everyone did so well!!! I can’t wait to run my own marathon this fall.

Have you ever attended a blogger meet-up? What did you think?

I was not very nervous about the meet-up until I got there. I walked in and instantly felt overwhelmed not knowing anyone I the real world personally. That feeling was quickly over-come with how nice everyone was. I would definitely recommend attending one in your area. It is so nice to finally put a blog with a face.