Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two-Day Busy Busy Bee

I have BIG plans this weekend!! Jay is off at the slopes, so I KNOW I will be productive.

We learned to ski together in Winter 2007-2008 (I had learned how to snowboard first in Winter 2004-2005). Since I do NOT have a three day weekend and recently traveled to Orlando, I encouraged him to go skiing without me. Plus, it is his Birthday weekend! Have fun honey!!!!

Meanwhile, at home I have lots of things to do this weekend:

Thank-you notes: I am usually so diligent about my post Christmas Thank-you notes. Not this year!! I hope my aunts, uncles and grandparents still appreciate them!! Well, I know they will, but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty :/ They are almost a month late!

Reconnect with Old Friends: I received a letter from one of my college roommates asking if we could be pen pals because she is not sure when she will be able to come visit. Ironically, after the letter was written but before it got to me we were able to work out a date!!! I still want to write back! I love a good ole' fashion pen pal.

On a similar note, I recently reached out to an old college friend about her trip to Europe last Fall. I know, you are all thinking, why now?!?! Do you remember my Bucket List? I hope so, because Jay and I are beginning to plan a trip to backpack across Europe in May 2o12. Jay graduates in May and we figure this will be our last chance. We plan to go before he starts working full time.

Grocery Shopping: As I mentioned in this post, our kitchen is starting to look a little bare. Ok, beyond bare, the only thing we have a solid stock up of is Peanut Butter. Last night I started a solid list and just went for it!

After three grocery stores (one I went to last night), I finally feel like I have all my staples back where they belong. My kitchen is finally happy again!

Finances and Organization: Ugh, another area of my life that has slipped through the cracks. It is so bad, that my statement staging area is overflowing...

onto my bookshelf.

FAIL. Thankfully, I got a lot done, and have all my paychecks, insurance, bank and investment statements back in order. Now, I just need to update my Budget...

Blog Stuff: Recently, I have been working on getting my blog "out there" on social media sites like Twitter, BlogHer and Healthy Living Blogs. Any other suggestions?

I am also trying to get my ducks in a row for the 2 weeks that I will not be able to blog this Winter/Spring. The first week is in late February when I will be traveling for work. I have a few posts planned, including a post from my brother and one about my bookshelf.

The second week, I am going on vacation to California to visit two college friends. During this week I would love to do a guest post segment on US travel. Kind of similar to Iowa Girl Eats "Best Vacation Ever" Series. When Kristin went to Italy, she asked her readers to submit their best vacations ever (you can read my submission here). I thought this was a great idea and would love if some of my readers would give submit guest posts on a Being a Tourist in Your Own Town. One of my favorite Tourism Professors always told us that you can learn a lot by being a tourist in your own town. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to submit a post?

Want to guest post on my blog?
E-mail me at goingongoals (at) gmail (dot) com.

Computer Maintenance: I love my new computer, but hate that I have not had time to set it up the way I want it!!

In particular, before today I hadn't busted open my new External Hard-drive... Yes, Dad, I love it, I just haven't had time to figure out how to use it.

Other technological issues that I cleared up were my lack of iTunes on my new computer and pictures. I am hoping by the time I sit down to watch the Golden Globes, that all my pictures and songs from my old computer are on my new External Hard-drive and accessible on my new computer. Wishful thinking? I'll let you know Monday!

Run: Oh, and let's not forget about my training schedule...

Do you have a 2 or 3 day weekend? What are your weekend plans?