Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy Week = Crazy Deals

What a crazy week! It is our busy season at work, which means I am always on the go! After deciding enough was enough for one day, I headed out the door and down King Street for a little shopping.

This time of year, my shopping goal is always an attractive pair of khakis at a reasonable price. Khakis are an unfortunate part of our work uniform that we are required to wear during our Conference. For some reason, I think the two pairs I have won't last me the entire week.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any khakis... but I did pick up 6 items (5 are sweaters, 1 t-shirt) for around $35 at the Gap Outlet.

I thought I did very well! You can read more about my rules on spending in this post.

After the gap I walked to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for Jenna's Black Eyed Pea Stew.

I followed her directions exactly, not only was it delicious, but also straight forward!! I love recipes that I can simply follow directions. Self explanatory!!! I only wish I had cornbread (which she recommended) to go with it instead of an English muffin. After dinner I caught up with a friend while enjoying a brownie (made by Mary for Jay's Birthday) and a cold glass of milk.

Have you tried a recipe from a blog recently? Tell me which one and leave the link so I can go try it!!