Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

I am blogging from my new computer!!!

And yes, it is a Dell!

This is not what I had for dinner. I ate this on the 5th.

Tonight, we had friends over. This meant we ate this...

I put it in the oven after BodyPump (which I love) and this...

Yeah, we bought way too much salad for three people for one week...

How much salad do you buy each week?

On Thursday, our fridge was filled with bottled water in other containers.

because we emptied bottled water bottles

to make beer... lots and lots of beer!

Mary bought the beer kit for Jay for Christmas.

He is a happy happy man!

On to Tuesday! How was your Monday? or I guess Thursday since I talked more about that then Monday!

Phew, only 4 more work days until my WEEKEND. What does this mean? Lots of finances, travel plans, blogging and cleaning, and maybe a sleepover too!