Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Burnt Toast and 2010 A Look Back

I had an unfortunate encounter with my Toaster today that resulted in Burnt Toast. Note to self: Make sure Jay buys nice bread.

I have been wanting to do 2010 A Look Back for about a week now, but with my vacation, an old computer and the Holidays, it just has not happened. Yes!!! You read right, I bought myself a brand new computer!! I love my new Dell so far. It only has to last me 3.5 years. Yes, I figured that out. My old computer is a 7 year old Mac. I loved it, but technology out grew it. When I started looking for a new computer, I just couldn't get myself to spend so much money on 1 computer when I could buy 2.

Are you Mac or a PC person?

Please keep your Dell horror stories to yourself. I do not want to hear them.

Ok so here it is, 2010 A Look Back through my Blog, May (when I started blogging) through August.

May: Backpacking the AT

June: Ocean City with Meredith

and S'more fun Camping in Shenandoah

July: An epic trip to Boston to visit friends and family and watch the O's win at Fenway

Girls Weekend in Orlando

and our New Home

August: Started with a new group of Girlfriends

A trip to the Berkshires

An Empire Wedding

And ended with a trip to the Beach

Wow and that was only 4 months!!! To be fair, I traveled a lot this summer. Maybe a little too much. Check back tomorrow for September through December.

Did you travel this past summer? Where did you go and what was your favorite location?