Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve! Gobble Wobble Style

Happy Birthday Steve!

And, congratulations on your first 5k!!! 43 minutes on the dot! So proud!

We had other great finishers too! Jay came in at 23:30.

And, I came in at 25:45.

We were both pretty proud!

On Wednesday (after our 10 hours drive to SC Tuesday evening), Jay, Steve and I went to pick up our packets at Marion Square in historic Charleston.

They are apparently also all ready for Christmas...

I was pretty stoked because this was my first Gobble Wobble (or Turkey Trot). And, what a great course, flat and through historic Charleston!


I was impressed how packed this race was, not as packed as the Army Ten Miler (30,000), but a good 6,000 people ran this race.

I also forgot how many children run 5k's. I was amazed the number of 10-14 year-olds there were. I do like 5k's because Jay and I don't have to train, but I think I like the 10k's better because there are less children, baby joggers and you don't feel like you are sprinting the entire time!

Regardless, we had fun!

And of course no race comes without lots of food!

And, this one had beer!

Unfortunately, the tent was packed!!! No free beer for us! Instead we went to one of my favorite Charleston bars for a beer. More on that later today!

And, of course, the Pig was there to cheer us all on!

Did you run a 5k on Thanksgiving? How do you work fitness into the big eating day?