Friday, October 1, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday

Remember oats at the beach?

After we closed down the condo for the season, Jack (aka Jay) and I hit the road looking for the perfect produce stand.

And, did we find one?!?!?! Can you guess who picked this stand?

I will give it to him, it was a great choice. We picked up almost all our veggies for the week (no peppers), for under $25. The local honey and candy corn were half our purchase... but necessary! Do you buy local honey?

We celebrated our farm fresh produce by having Sweet Potatoes topped with Black Beans.

Ok, so Meghann's looks soo much better than mine, but mine was still delicious! Instead of her feta and jalapeƱos, we had chives and a mozzarella pizza cheese mix.

Have you seen any great food ideas on a blog recently? Share them with me!