Friday, October 22, 2010

The Awakening

I recently finished The Awakening by Kate Chopin. This is a classic novel about Edna Pontellier as she struggles to figure out her feelings towards her femininity, her marriage and motherhood. This novel is often regarded as the earliest American novel that deals with women issues.

I was supposed to read this book this past summer with my old book club. At the time I had just found my new Chick Lit Book Club and opted for that meeting instead.

Thankfully, one of my new friends from my new Chick Lit Book Club read this book, loved it and encouraged me to read it as well. Good thing she did because I loved it! Any women who enjoys chick lit should add this book to their reading list.

This book was very refreshing. Many chick lit books follow the same pattern... girl wants boy, girl complains about not having boy, girl meets boy, the end. This book delves into Edna's feelings and thoughts towards her whirlwind summer and struggles with her role within her family and society.

Great book! I highly recommend it. Have you read a good book recently?

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