Friday, September 17, 2010

Veggie Enchiladas

Last Friday, we needed a night in. What better way to spend a night in than with Veggie Enchiladas courtesy of How Sweet It Is. Be forewarned that this is based off her recipe. I don't always measure when I cook and I tend to add/change/substitute ingredients in recipes.

Originally, I wanted to add chicken. But, obviously from the picture below, I forgot to put them in before the potatoes. Oops, so veggie enchiladas it is!

I also used a lot of onion, half of a large one to be exact and loved every bite of it!

Usually, I shop solely at the Giant (and Costco), but Harris Teeter is walking distance, so when we decided to have a stay in night it was easier to walk there then hope in the car. Good thing we did! Harris Teeter canned beans are a steal! There beans are 69 cents a can!!! I will definitely be working Harris Teeter into my shopping routine.

Lovely stop-light peppers, fresh and tasty!

And all the veggies sautéing in the pan. I actually followed Jessica's suggested veggies, just not the quantities. I used onions, potatoes, broccoli, and stop-light peppers. Can you see all the different veggies?

Here it is the filling cooking with the black beans, refried beans and a little cheese sprinkled on top!

Once the filling was cooked, Jay and I put about 1/3 cup of filling on the tortilla and rolled tightly. Thanks to Mary for photographing and finishing rolling the enchiladas when Jay got tired!

Then we poured on the red enchilada sauce and cheese. We were lacking on the shredded cheese front, so we added sliced in too!

After 15 minutes at 350 degrees, dinner was done!

We also made a fresh guacamole and tomato toping (I forgot to add the tomato to the enchiladas, oops!).

I strongly recommend this dish to anyone looking for a vegetarian alternative! My only additional word of wisdom is plan some extra time to make this meal. I assumed it would only take me 30 minutes. I was wrong! Granted, I was talking to my roommate the entire time. Plan a good 45 minutes to prepare this meal!

What new dish have you made recently? Did you enjoy it?