Thursday, September 16, 2010

Full Fridge - Full Week

This week is a little crazy... ok, a lot crazy. But, because I am uber organized I made sure we were prepared by making extra food. Yay leftovers!!!

On Sunday I drove back from Baltimore after spending a lovely weekend with friends and the parents. Of course, I left behind schedule, so my lovely roommate made a large pot of sausage and peppers. Yay!!! And, yes we are still trying to eat leftover pool party food, note the sausages are from our party!!!

Monday was my night home, so I made my Chickpea Italian Pasta.

Tuesday I go to either my knitting group or I go line dancing. Both equally fun for very different reasons. Due to my "after-school" activities (is it ok to call it "after-school" if you no longer go to school?), I usually go to work "late" and stay "late". This causes me to eat both lunch and dinner at work. See tomorrows post.

Wednesday, like Tuesday, I usually end up eating dinner at work because I go to Yoga at the gym near work. Yes, there is a gym branch across the street from me, but I love the Vinyasa class near work. Currently, I feel it is worth eating dinner at my desk to go to my Vinyasa Yoga class.

Thursday is usually kickball night meaning I go to work "early" and leave "early", eat a quick light dinner and run to the Mall to play kickball. This week I will be going to a fun work event (yes those exist)! My work won a Potomac Boat Cruise for Volunteering in the Spring, so I will be cruising, eating and drinking this Thursday!

Friday, obviously varies greatly, but I am very excited because our friend from Boston is coming to town. Plus, we are going to the Orioles/Yankees game. AND, I get to see B Rob (as in Brian Roberts) play for the first time this season!!!! Maybe if y'all are lucky, I will blog about how much a like B Rob and I truly are.

Therefore, I pre-cooked healthy grab and go dinners for Jay and I.

And, yes, I labeled our food. I am sure many of you who are married or live with the boy friend know that while they will eat what you serve (yes I am lucky) sometimes you want more veggies and know he could care less.

Below is the contents of all those Tupperware containers or our crazy night dinners. Notice the Chickpea Italian Pasta on the left and the leftover sausage and peppers on the right. His is plain (but delicious) while mine is topped with chopped spinach, fresh cut tomatoes and Parmesan cheese (I don't know why he doesn't want all that fun stuff)!

And, a side shot of my Italian Sausage with a fresh veggie flair.

I believe I mentioned I made waaaay toooo much Chickpea Italian Pasta. Well I did, look how many extra portions are left in the fridge for lunch? dinner? snack? who knows? Mary feel free to eat some!

And even worse our side of the fridge!

Yeah, we are a little jam packed!

An important leftover tip: If you love making food in bulk like I do and eating it later, please realize that leftovers should be consumed within a week of making. Unless, you freeze your leftovers. This is also why I normally don't mix my topping/sauce with my pasta.

Does your household cook in bulk? How do you manage a hectic week?