Thursday, July 22, 2010

Such a Pretty Fat

Less than week to Book Club and I have about 120 pages to go... not too bad, but "Such a Pretty Fat" is no The Da Vinci Code (I do realize reading them back to back was my choice not the authors).

I thoroughly enjoy Jen's sense of humor and I can somewhat empathize with her struggles. Not that I have ever been overweight, but I completely understand wanting to eat and sometimes losing control (she has obviously lost control more than I ever have).

As one of my friends said (also in Book Club), sometimes I just want to change the channel. Yes, this is an easy and entertaining read. And, I love her descriptions of all the characters because deep down I think that way about people too! But, this book is sad as it vividly describes the various reasons why America is fat.

Maybe some discussion or the last 120 pages will give me a new perspective on "Such a Pretty Fat".