Friday, September 7, 2012

Driving driving driving

Today, like the title suggests, we drove drove drove. We only had a four-hour drive head of us, so we took our time in the morning and made lots of stops.

Our first and most notable stop was to see wallabies in Waimate. Aren't they cute!!

Another pest to New Zealand, the wallaby was brought over in the 1860s and now runs wild on the east coast of the south island. The ones pictured above are caged in the towns' public garden. Wallabies are semi-nocturnal, so to see them in the wild, you would have to venture out at night.

The gardens also housed a little lamb.

It's lambing season here in NZ, so we have seen these babies everywhere. The cutest are the ones that are literally a day old. Although he was a little older, this guy was pretty cute too. Not sure why he's spray-painted green though.

Our next stop was to go on a beach-side hour walk. This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment and we turned around after 6 minutes. Jay didnt even take a picture of it, thats how bad it is. And he takes pictures of everything. We did manage to pick up some necessities and hop on McDonald's free wifi, though.

After dawdling all day, we finally made it to Akaroa. This is our final tourist stop in New Zealand. I must admit I really like this town. It has a small-town feeling and it's nice to step back in time with all the old shoppe lined streets. The sunset was also spectacular.

Besides playing with the timer on my camera, we will also be swimming with Hector dolphins tomorrow (the smallest dolphin in the world). It looks like the New Zealand part of our trip is coming to a close very soon :-(