Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Friend Dates

Look what I found on my couch when I got home today!


Yup, my lovely husband and his friend Jesse (who just passed his PT Boards, congrats!). The boys had a manly day where they saw The Dark Knight Rises with movie passes my neighbor gave us for buying her dry ice. The movie theatre that we got passes to was a little out of the way and after the Aurora tragedy I was not jumping to see The Dark Knight in theatres. I am glad the boys enjoyed their day and that Jay got to see the movie in the theatre like he wanted.

We still have another set of movie tickets that we earned for signing up for Netflix. I am hoping my generosity with our previous passes will result in my choice for the movie ;) hint hint


While Jay had a boys day, I had the sweet surprise lunch with my friend Lauren. None of my girlfriends work in my immediate area, so it was a treat. She was in the area because she gave a presentation at our friend Courtney’s school. It was so nice to get out of the office for an hour. Plus, it gave me a new appreciation for Hard Times CafĂ©. The food was better than I remembered, hit the spot and was affordable.

How often do you and your significant other have friend dates?