Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wishing Away Your Life

Have you heard of She Reads Truth? or on Twitter #shereadstruth? While I am not the most religious person, I do enjoy a good bible study. When I first heard of She Reads Truth, I was a little skeptical. I tried really hard to follow along with the first plan “Soul Detox”, but sadly could not keep up as life got crazy with our wedding.

2012-06-19 18.30.49

Last week, when the new plan “Living the Surrendered Life” was announced, I was ecstatic to get back on board. I really like this plan as it touches on a lot of points I personally deal with all the time. Tonight I want to bring light to day 7 which highlights James 4:13-15.

The devotional talks about wishing away your life. I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time wishing for “my next big thing”, whether I was an anxious senior so ready to head off to my dream school (Boston University) or being anxious to graduate college. What I think is very ironic is usually when I find myself the most anxious to move on, I end up in not the idealist situation. But of course, everything happens for a reason, and I would never trade in my experiences at Boston University.


So while I may wish away a moment here or there, I am glad I have very little regrets. I think it is very important for a person to own their actions. There are very few mistakes in life, but many opportunities to learn. Boston University was a huge learning experience for me. I even dare to say I learned more about myself in that one year than I did at the University of South Carolina. Don’t get me wrong, I matured and learned a lot at USC, but that learning process was very different from my previous experience.

I mentioned this Tuesday, but being a newly-wed brings on a whole new variety of wishes. While I may not know my fate, I am embracing my present life and enjoying these last few weeks of living on my own. I love living with Jay, I mean I did MARRY him. But I have also learned so much about myself living on my own. I know (or hope) these are the last few weeks I’ll be living alone but I also want to embrace them.

Have you ever found yourself wishing away time? How do you stop that?