Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Summer Stress Free List

One of the biggest challenges Jay and I have is over scheduling ourselves. I wouldn't go as far as telling you I have trouble telling people "No", but we definitely like to have fun and hang out with our friends. We have found that in order to strike a good balance, sometimes we have to plan a little, stick to those plans and say "No" when too many options are available for one weekend.

4th 2011

This summer was even more of a concern for us because we got married. Our wedding was a truly special day, but it also brought on its fair share of stress. Realizing that planning in some "free-time" before the wedding took a while, but inevitably made the process smoother.

wedding 2

As we head into Fourth of July week, I have come to realize there is a list of things that would make my summer a little less stressful.

1. It's ok to miss a workout or to take a break. I love to workout. It truly keeps feeling my best! But our body's also need a good break every once in a while. I fully plan to keep up with my workout routine during the week, but will not stress about missing a weekend workout for other fun activities like hiking, baseball games, BBQ's etc.

2.You can't plan everything. This year is a big transition time for Jay and I. He will graduate from PT school, take his boards and get a "big boy" job. Do we know where he will be working? NO. Do we know when he will start working? NO. Will we still have to payback his student loans? Yes eventually. Am I worried about him finding a job? NO. While there are a lot of "What Ifs" staring us in the face this next year, we also know we have each other. This year has taught us both that unexpected changes can be a REALLY good thing. And while many of Jay's classmates take the boards on Monday (good luck), I am glad he isn't taking them until October. If it weren't for this change we would have never had the opportunity to take a month for our honeymoon to travel around New Zealand and Australia.


3. Summer treats are named such for a reason. Who doesn't love all the glorious summer treats that Americans eat this time of year? Unfortunately, these treats also come full of lots of calories. This summer I plan on indulging in my fair share of Ice Cream, Fried Chicken, Apple Pie and Margaritas but I also plan to treat them as they are so named... as a treat. It's fine to indulge in this seasons wonders, just don't overindulge.

4. Enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Have you ever noticed how much happier you are after a day at the beach? While the beach isn't exactly around the corner from my apartment, fresh air is. Everybody needs a day or two on the couch, but this summer I want to embrace the warmer temperatures, cool pool and lawn chairs aplenty!

5. Be Thankful. I know we usually associate thankfulness with the Fall, but I have found that the more gracious I am the better I feel. Life is way too short to be worried about the little things.


6. Take a vacation. I am not necessary talking about a big expensive trip (though I will be taking one of those). I am talking about taking a vacation from life. I know I am very guilty of not taking a real relaxing vacation. This summer I really want to just relax. So while my traditional vacation will be in August, don’t be surprised if you catch me vacationing every weekend by the pool.

So those are the six ways I am going to keep my summer a little more stress free. I don’t see any issues with accomplishing many of the points on my list :) So, here is to a fun, relaxing and stress free summer!

How will you keep your summer stress free?