Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marching Into Spring

Yum, yum, yum look what I tried, Breakfast Quinoa!!


It was delicious!! It took a little longer to make than my normal breakfast to make but I think it was worth it!

Last month I had a lot of fitness goals and I didn’t too bad at accomplishing them. Let’s see how I did!

Crafts: Make chalkboard signs for my wedding

Yikes, I completely forgot about this goal until I started writing this post!! While I do not have chalkboard signs, I do finally have all of the supplies to make them :)


In April, I want to get a lot of wedding things done. This includes crafts like these banners I made last weekend.


As well as the chalkboard signs, children books and anything else that could be stressful down the road. My mom, Jay and I have a lot of wedding appointments coming up this month, so I am hoping we can eliminate any unnecessary stress that could arise the end of May or early June.

Books: Read 2 books

FAIL!! I am reading The Poisonwood Bible for book club and it is slow going!!

In April my one goal is to finish The Poisonwood Bible, no matter what it takes!

Running: Have fun at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half

Success!! The Rock ‘N’ Roll Half was the first race I ever ran by myself. I was a little nervous about it, but had a great time and met a bunch of great runners, one of which I ran into again at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Crazy, right?!?!


Gym Classes: Attend 10 gym classes

SUCCESS!! I went to class 13 times in March! I think the fact that I finally committed to being a little nicer to my body helped. I strongly believe that if you treat your body well, it will treat you well. I really picked it up in the fitness department this month and feel great because of it :)

In April, I want to keep at it! I am going to decrease my number of actual classes to 7 because I am running back and forth to Baltimore a lot this month. When I do skip class, I want to maintain my workout schedule by running and lifting weights. I was actually really good about this in March!! After most of my long runs I came back to my apartment gym and lifted weights.


My Core: Work my abs 16 days

Success-ish. I do not know why I set core workout goals as I rarely track them. I think my overall goal to look bangin' at my wedding has increased the number of times I have worked my abs, but I am not sure by how many.

In April, I want to continue my mat work. Maybe I'll even keep track? I mean my Harry Potter calendar does look a little empty... I will stick with 16 days for good measure.


Sweets: Redefine desserts

I think this was one of my hardest goals this month. I think overall I did well, I really cut back on the amount of sweets I consume without completely depriving myself.

Recipes: Create one recipe for the blog

I barely squeezed one in there, but I got a new recipe on the blog this month! Check out Baked Italian Avocado Eggs which went up on the 30th.


Since March was such a success, I want to create another recipe in April


I didn’t do half bad this month :) What are your April goals?