Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inter-Web Wednesday

Since my cutie is home, I am taking a little break from WIAW. Instead I bring you some fun internet things that happened in the past 24 hours.

Last night, Jay and I were on the metro. We were sitting a few seats apart, so he texted me (see below). Of course we are 2 months from the wedding, not 1. I immediately screen shot the text and put it on Facebook. I was amazed by the instant feedback it got.

jack oops (333x640)

It definitely made my day.

Since Jay has been home, honeymoon planning has been non-stop. Currently our challenge is booking our plane tickets. Our trip is a little complicated… WAS-AKL (possible LAX layover?), CHC-SYD, SYD-WAS.

Finding a combination that isn’t too pricey, or too exhausting has, well, been exhausting. I wish I could pick a flight from one airline, another from another and the third from another and get a good deal, but unfortunately, plane tickets don’t work that way.

bing.comtravel (256x150)

If only Bing Travel worked that way for international flights.

Today, I also received an email from our officiant about our planning meeting this week. She asked us to start thinking about any ceremonies and readings we would want from her website.

Most of the ceremonies, like the unity candle, didn’t interest me, but then I saw the Wine Ceremony:

Wine Ceremony- Partners share drinks from a single glass of wine. This symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together, both bitter and sweet. Materials: Glass of wine (a variety of the couple’s choosing) and table for it to sit on.

I thought “now that is up my alley”! So I e-mail my mom and she says the tradition reminders her of The Deer Hunter and therefore thought it was creepy.

deer hunter (638x574)

So, what do you think?