Friday, March 9, 2012

Pre-Wedding Run

I feel like all my runs lately have been pre-something. This is probably best as it really motivates me to get my runs done before the weekend even starts!!


The race is one week away, so I only intended to run 8 miles. I also have not trained anywhere near where I imagined I would. Getting sick and traveling really took a toll on my training schedule.

But I got out there this morning and actually tackled 10 miles!!! I am not going to lie, it sucked!! and took me forever! Looks like I’ll be enjoying rather than seeking a PR next week.


Post run I continued to conquer my goals as I headed right to my apartment building gym and lifted weights, work my abs and stretch. Boo-yaaah!

Now I am enjoying my post run meal before hitting the road.


YUMM! Anyway the reason I ran today was because this weekend I have the honor of being in my almost Matron of Honor’s wedding as her Maid of Honor. Try saying that 5 times fast…


Val has definitely made a few appearances on the blog. Most recently you probably remember her from her bachelorette party. She is also quite often especially as we have been planning our weddings at the same time. For instance, we are sharing a birdcage for our card holder.

Needless to say I am very excited to celebrate with her, starting tonight with her rehearsal.

But first I have to pay a special visit to an important man in my life, my grandfather, Opa. Poor Opa broke his hip for the second time in 2 years after falling just prior to my New Orleans trip in February. Hopefully a little visit will cheer him up.


Have a great weekend everyone!!