Monday, March 26, 2012

NYC Weekend

The weather predicted rain, rain, rain all weekend in NYC, but thankfully Saturday was full of sunshine and flowers!


The perfect day for a long (and I mean long) walk around the city.


We even saw a wedding take place in the park! Makes me realize how close our wedding is!!


Along with all the GREAT weather, Jay and I also tried some great restaurants. Saturday, we headed over to the East Village because Yelp said there were a few highly rated brunch place. We weren’t able to get into our first choice restaurant. It all worked out, because we loved where we ended up, at Cornerstone. I got the blueberry pancakes which were delicious and very filling. Jay approved of his spinach and feta omelet and iced coffee. YUM!


Sunday, we went to The Grey Dog in Chelsea. I was really in the mood for a New York style bagel, but my Egg & Cheese Croissant hit the spot! Ok I only had half, because Jay and switched plates half way through our meal. It was PERFECT because we both go to try each others meals.

Anyone else split food with their significant other?


BUT, the main event of the weekend was seeing The Hunger Games!! My brother, Jim, is really into movies. If you’re a long time viewer, you have probably seen me put his reviews on here.

I found his review very interesting because he didn’t do any research on the movie or read the book.

One of my other favorite reviews so far of the movie is Jen Lancaster’s.

As for my take on the movie… honestly, the jury is still out. I think the movie was well done. I agree with the things the director cut (with the exception of the bread from district 11). I understand why the movie was in 3rd person and I liked most of the add-ons. I loved how they killed off Seneca Crane (the book never explains that). The one add-on that I didn’t like was how Haymitch affected the games. I don’t like that it was his idea to have “2” tributes. At the same time, I loved watching what happened in the Gamemaker’s control room.

Even though the book was not is first person, I liked that the audience was occasionally in Katniss’s head. For example, I loved that after she blew up the Career’s food supply there was that uncomfortable ear ringing sound. Unfortunately, I think these moments were lost on the crowd that did not read the books.

My biggest problem with this movie is honestly a personal problem. I was very good about separating the Harry Potter novels from the Harry Potter movies. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble separating the Hunger Games novel from the movie. I blame it on the dark and deep content of the book. The book really makes you put things into perspective since you are in Katniss’s mind. It is soo hard to do that with a movie.

So, I guess overall I thought the movie was well done, but I don’t think it could ever, EVER compete with the book.

What did you think of the Hunger Games movie?