Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belated Valentine's Day and Wedding Tie Help

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!

Yesterday I celebrated by sleeping in an extra 30 minutes. I know, how exciting!! I normally go to cycle on Tuesdays but my body was just itching for an extra 30 minutes, so I gave in. The greatest thing about skipping class, was I was motivated enough to get out of bed and do the workout anyway in my apartment gym. Granted I did half the workout on the elliptical because someone was on the bike. I was amazed that I was able to get in just as good of a workout and still get to work on time. It's the little things!!

Another way I celebrated Valentine's Day was cleaning. A girls got to do what a girls go to do, and after last weekend I had no time to dawdle last night. My "To Clean" list was a mile long. Plus I am out of town a lot this month, so my week nights are valuable. Thankfully, an hour later my list was all crossed off. Our new, tinier apartment is easier to clean and much quicker!!

Now on to the real dilemma for the day, what color tie should Jay and his guys wear? Below is a list of colors I am between. (Update: here is an example of the suits the guys will be wearing)

And of course a picture of the girl's dresses for reference. Briana on the right is wearing the bridesmaid dress in the correct color (marine).


I think I am leaning toward either the Dark Navy or Cobalt for the groomsmen and the Bright Sky Blue or Powder Blue for Jay.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions! I am feeling very indecisive today!!