Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Happened to Wedding Wednesday?

But first dinner.


Stuffed peppers and a glass (or two) or wine. We are trying to clean out our pantry, so Stove Top Chicken Flavored Stuffing in Peppers with Parmesan Cheese became an easy and filling dinner.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not blogged about our wedding since October. My wedding updates have been sparse to say the least, let alone a post solely on our wedding on an actual Wednesday. Oops. I guess things have been a little busy around here.

Believe it or not, we haven’t done much actual wedding planning since October. We did a lot of our planning over last summer that I have still not blogged about! Yikes! And while I should recap picking a DJ, officiant and my hair/make-up trail, I don’t feel like it. So instead you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Or a quick tour of my Wedding Pinterest Board.



Birdcages: I love the birdcage cardholder trend. It’s super cute, but can cost a pretty penny. After a lot of searching and a little help from Wedding Bee Boards, I finally found a birdcage that I like and is very reasonable. Plus, I am sharing it with Val who is getting married in March. If you are looking for wedding decorations, check out Save On Crafts, their prices are amazing!


Ties: We are still working on the suiting, but we found a great tie site. Bows n Ties has such a great selection at a fabulous price.


Bouquets: I love everything about this wedding, especially the flowers. I was completely against hiring a florist until I saw this wedding. As a result, my mom and I now have a few consultations for the next two months. Hopefully a florist can work within our budget.

imageimage(source, source)

Centerpieces: I also thought I had centerpieces under control, but after seeing a few fresh flower options I may change my mind. Originally I wanted potted daisies on half the tables and bowls of lemons and limes on the other. I still love the idea, but not sure how it would be coordinated that day. We will have to see what the florist says and at what price ;)


Guestbook: Like most wedding related things, I had no clue what I wanted until I started researching and mulling it over. I did not fall in love with finger-print trees right away, but after attending a wedding I was convinced. We already have a coffee-table book from our England and Scotland trip that we rarely look at. I know that a traditional guestbook would get lost as well. I love that our guestbook could be art that we hang in our home! Plus, I have a fantastic maid/matron of honor who will help me make it!

charlotte crafts(source)

Accessories: I am extremely lucky when it comes to my girls. Each are able to help in their own unique way. One of my bridesmaids is helping make jewelry for myself and the girls along with the fabric flower for my hair.

Calligraphy: You probably saw this coming since I have three attendants, but my last bridesmaid has offered to address all of my invitations. What would I do without these girls?

Please feel free to leave wedding planning suggestions!!!


I am still not sure what to do about my centerpieces. Real flowers? Fabric flowers? Paper flowers? Potted plants? Lemons and limes? There are way too many options.


How did you friends help you with your wedding planning? Did/do you have crafty maids?