Friday, December 9, 2011

Good morning!!

Look who is off work today!! It felt great to “sleep-in” until 8:30 a.m., but it also makes me sad for the days when I could sleep close to noon.

As with most of my Friday’s off, my To-Do List is out of control. Lots to do today! I just hope I can cross most of it off and still have time for the last two items, read and relax.


I am so glad I have today off because of the hectic weekend I have a head. This weekend Jay and I are heading to Baltimore for my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary!! 70 years = crazy, right!

As my grandparents have gotten older they have loved a good party. We had a 65th wedding anniversary party (shown below), my grandfather’s 90th birthday party and now their 75th anniversary party. I think they really do it to get the whole family together. We cover the east coast from Georgia to Massachusetts.


On top of their parties, we have also had a few weddings in the past few years. Looks like we never need an excuse to get the whole family together.

Besides the actual party on Sunday, my mom is also hosting a dinner Saturday night and I am joining my cousin on a long run Sunday. Good thing I rested up today, huh?

The other really crazy thing, is all my siblings will be in one place. Sadly, I don’t know the last time that happened!


According to Facebook it was my gradation, but I think it was last October.

Well since my To-Do List has grown since I started typing, I am off to do some laundry. Happy Friday everyone!!

How have you known to be married the longest and how long have they been married?