Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Monuments at Night

It’s Moving Day II!! Yesterday we got all the small things (remember that song!) over to the new apartment. Today we are focusing on the BIG stuff!!


It’s soo weird to see all of our furniture empty!!

After working hard all day, Jay and I ventured out with the PT friends for one last monumental walk together. It’s sad to think that our little group is breaking up :(. At least there is graduation in May.


Our night walk included the Lincoln, one of my favorite monuments.


We even walked around back to say “Hi” to General Lee’s house (a relative by marriage of Martha Washington, he married her great-granddaughter). The Memorial Bridge is often said to connect  (or unify) the “North” and “South” since it leads directly from Lee’s house to the Lincoln Memorial. You can sort of see Lee’s house in the picture above, right above the Eternal Flame and Women in War Memorial.

photo-4 (640x478)photo-2 (640x478)

And after our little history lesson, we posed for some group pictures. The one on the left is of the group (minus Jay (taking the picture) and Jesse and Monica (home sick)). The one on the left are the PT students (minus Jesse).

photo-3 (640x478)photo-1 (640x478)

After exhausting the Lincoln, we decided to head toward some of the other less known and newer monuments (or memorials). The first one we visited my all time favorite, the World War I Memorial. This memorial is actually not a National one as it was built for the DC World War I Veteran’s. Lately there has been a push to make it a National Monument. In fact it was the dying wish of the last World War I Vet who recently passed.

I also really wanted to have our engagement pictures taken here because it symbolizes both DC and just looks so southern. Unfortunately, at the time, this monument was being restored and was completely fenced off :(.

photo (2) (640x478)

Lastly, we visited the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I have to say that this monument is much more profound at night. They did and excellent job signifying the Stone of Hope from the Mountain of Despair using lighting.

Overall a great night to say good-bye to good friends.

Have you seen the Monuments at night? Do you like one better at night vs. the day (or vice versa)?


One more week till Christmas. Are you ready?