Monday, November 14, 2011

Cure What Ails You


After Jay and I spent some time in the Smithsonian on Saturday, we walked over to Tonic for dinner. I have been craving Tonic for a while now, so it was quite a treat to have my fill of Tater Tots.

Apparently, Jay was crazing Tater Tots too. He ordered the Tatchos (aka nachos, sub tots) and cleaned his plate before either of us even thought of taking a photo.


Later we met our friends at the W Hotel Bar, Point of View.


Jay and his PT friends are at the end of their time here in DC, so they started talking about the things they hadn’t done. Surprisingly, none of us had been to P.O.V., even though we have been meaning to since we moved here!


The view was awesome, you can easily see the Washington Monument, Jefferson and Lincoln.


Plus the bar overlooks the White House.


It is definitely worth a visit! Just be aware the drinks will cost you $15 a cocktail! Ouch! But I think the view was worth it!

Is there a bar where you live that provides an excellent view of your tow/city?