Monday, September 5, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

August was the first month where I posted monthly goals on the blog and actually wrote down monthly goals since maybe college. Writing down your goals is supposed to help you achieve them. Normally, I would strongly agree, but not this month.


Don’t get me wrong, August was a lot of fun, but I didn’t exactly stick to my goals. So, am I just being hard on myself for falling short? or did I really do that badly?

Sleep: I didn’t do too bad in this category. Jay and I no longer try to run together during the week (he leaves at 6:45, plus a 20 minute shower, plus an hour run…) so I sleep longer. The shorter days have helped too. I can no longer bounce out of bed before 6 and go running, it’s just too dark, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Weekday Training Runs: I have still been pretty bad about weekday training runs. I have definitely been running, just not the amount of time I originally wanted. Even though I did not exactly meet this goal, I am ok with it. I have become a pro at listening to my body in regards to training. Lately, if my body hurts, I take a day off from running. No big deal.

Practice Yoga: If by yoga you mean stretching, then yes I probably stretched 21 days this month. Realistically, I think regular yoga practice is out of the question until after the marathon. Again, I am very ok with this. 

100 Push-ups: hahaha, I didn’t get on track with doing this 2-3 days a week until last week. Oops! The good thing is now I have it worked into my morning routine. 


Run up the steps like rocky!! Completed!!!

Me time: I was better about “me time” this month, but I think I need to continue to work on taking some time out of every week to relax, regardless of what is going on.

Ok, so I didn’t do half as bad as I lead on. I half-assed a lot of my goals and I am ok with that. It just means I have to do better this month ;)


With the crazy-ness of August behind me, I have very similar goals for September.

Weekday Training Runs: In August I learned that running doesn’t always mean the best way to train. I want to continue to run twice a week but am ok with two 45 minute runs.  

BodyPump: Last month I tried to go to BodyPump twice a week. I made it most weeks. This month I would like to attend 6 BodyPump classes. This shouldn’t be too difficult as long as I go to my normal classes. The only hiccup could be my one class where I will have a new instructor. I hope I like him/her!!

Yoga: As I mentioned above everyday or every other day practice is unrealistic. Therefore I would like to attend 2 yoga classes this month.

100 Push-ups Now that I have the training app to a science, I would like to get this in twice a week (after my training runs).


Happy Hour: Some weeks I go to happy hour every night, some weeks I don’t go at all. For my wallets’ sake, I want to try to keep it to an average on one Happy Hour a week. Of course I already know I will be attending two Happy Hours one evening … which I will count as one Happy Hour if I keep to two drinks the entire night.


Start Christmas Shopping: This year Jay and I begin alternating Holidays.  We’re going to his house for Thanksgiving this year, which means we’ll give his family their presents then.  I have a sneaky suspicion that Thanksgiving will sneak up on us. I am not a good last minute shopper. Therefore I want to start Christmas shopping for Jay’s family now.

What are your goals for the month of September?