Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guys and Dolls at Wolf Trap


Earlier this summer, Groupon ran a deal for $10 tickets to Wolf Trap that Jay and I could not resist. Both Jay and I were involved in drama groups in high school. Surprisingly, Jay had never seen Guys and Dolls. I was in a production of the play in high school, but had never seen the play the entire way through. Even though it has been a good 7+ years since I was in the play, I was surprised how much of it I remembered. I also could not help but think about my high school friends who played the roles so long ago. It’s funny how association works like that.


We arrived early to enjoy our lawn seats with some hors d' oeuvres and a beer. It was fun to see what others had brought along with them. Some groups had elaborate spreads including special lawn stakes for their wine bottles, beer and wine glasses. Others took a more relaxed approach of picking up Chipotle on their way to the theatre.


After our long run, Jay and I enjoyed our meatless muffins, hummus, salsa and chips. The only problem with long runs is that they really take away your energy! After intermission, Jay and I both dozed off a few times. It is amazing how comfortable laying outside on a picnic blanket blanket be!

Are you a theatre goer? What is your favorite musical?