Monday, July 4, 2011

This is Why We Do Training Runs

Originally, we were supposed to do this run Sunday morning. But, we woke up to thunder storms at 6 am and just rolled right over. This morning, we were up with the alarm since we knew it was our last chance this weekend to conquer 13.2.


The morning was pretty cool for July in DC, but the humidity was through the roof. Our plan was to park at Mt. Vernon and run 13.2 up the trail to the airport.


The first 7-10 miles flew by for me. Jay definitely felt them a lot more than I did. But I was in for a harsh reality-check once we were in Old Town.


(Yes, the picture shows us running the opposite direction…)

Jay and I usually walk about 20 ft when we refuel. When we stopped to refuel on the edge of Old Town I noticed that my heart beat never recovered. I knew instantly something was wrong, my recovery time is usually so short.

Jay took my heart rate at close to 140 beats per minute, i.e. not good. We walked mile 11 and then started at a slow jog again. My heart rate had come down, but then I felt very dehydrated. Thankfully, I was prepared with $10 tucked in my running belt. We stopped at one of the marinas and bought a Gatorade. That was by far the best Gatorade I’ve ever had! From there we slowly jogged the 1 mile home.

While I was disappointed that we were not able to run the entire thing in one shot, I felt like we learned a few valuable lessons on our run today. We now know that we need to bring more water, some Gatorade and Gu.


After we picked up my car, Jay and I headed to REI to pick up the supplies. Jay is now the proud owner of his own water belt. Right before we left on our run this morning, Jay mentioned not bringing a water bottle, I am so glad I convinced him to bring his. We would have been in big trouble!!

I also bought myself a hand held water bottle. I figure that with our mileage only increasing, an extra water bottle is a good idea.

What lessons have you learned from your long runs?