Monday, July 11, 2011

My 4 a.m. Wake-Up Call

This morning Jay and I woke up super early to run 14 miles. As I have mentioned before when one of us goes away for the weekend, we have found it is easier to wake-up early on Monday for a long run than attempt to run it by ourselves.


This morning we decided it would be easier to take our run from two Mondays ago and add 3 miles. The easiest way to add 3 miles to any run in DC is to run Hains Point. Hains Point can be torturous since it is 3 monotonous miles along East Potomac park. The views are of the Public Golf Course and the Potomac River and that is about it! While is may not be the most entertaining run in DC, I like it for a few reasons. It is dominated by runners, walkers and bikers. You really do not have to worry about being hit by a car on this 3 mile stretch! Plus, it is nice to see a little green in DC, it almost feels like you have left the city for those quick 3 miles.


This run went better than our run last weekend for me, but not for Jay. We were more prepared with gels and Jay got to try his new running belt. He was very worried it would “bounce” too much on the actual run but he was pleasantly surprised when it did not. Plus, I was thankful that he was no longer stealing my water!

Poor Jay, his IT Band got very tight in the 8th mile, causing him to stop for the day. I am so glad I carry metro cards, health insurance cards and old IDs with us on our run. A little anxious, but very determined, I headed out on my own for the 6 remaining miles.

The remained of the run went very well. Even though I was a little nervous (what if something happened?) I was reassured by the fact that I was running a very familiar route and that I would run by 3 metro stations. Plus, it was kind of nice to just let my mind wander for the remaining hour. Sometimes we all just need a little thinking time. :)


Besides our Shot Bloks, I also had my new hand water bottle. I was very surprised how much I liked it. I thought it would be a tad annoying. When I took my last Shot Blok at mile 11 I also poured all my remaining water into the hand water bottle. It is so much easier to drink from than my water belt bottles.

As for more solid refueling, we decided to try the Black Cherry Shot Blocks. They were not as bad as I thought they could have been, but at the same time we started with what I would call a traditional flavor. I am a little nervous about our other flavors, but in the end, they were on sale and you have to try it to find out what you like.

We also cut our water with Gatorade this week. No dehydration for this girl. :)
  1. Do you attempt training long runs during the week?

  2. What is your favorite Gu/Shot Blok/Sport Bean Flavor?

  3. When should we start taking ice baths post run?