Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook Tuesday

Ah Facebook… Who doesn’t have it? I have had one since 2004 when I went to Boston University as a freshman. Back then, Facebook was only open to schools in Boston. The next year, when I transferred to USC, I actually had to open a new account because you couldn’t add new schools (a foreign concept to current FB users).

Yes, back when Facebook was dominated by college students, those were the days. When Facebook first opened its doors to high school students (and then everyone) I was kind of offended, it was a place for college students! As soon as I graduated, my whole elitist mind-set changed, and I appreciated the company opening its doors. Even today, I feel as if my college career is represented through my Facebook albums and wall.


But all that has really nothing to do with this post. This post has two purposes. One- to tell you that this blog is officially on Facebook and you should ‘like me’.  That is, if you want me dominating your wall (honestly, who wouldn’t?!?!?) and Two- to tell you about my dinner. So go like me, make me feel special and then go make some pasta!


Thankfully Jay and I stocked up at Costco after our hike two weekends ago, which made making dinner very easy. I quickly whipped up a meal of spinach & feta chicken sausage along with mushrooms and pasta sauce. This meal is honestly as easy as it sounds.

Simply cook the sliced sausage in a little olive oil and onion until cooked through. Add the sauce and you’re done. Serve with your choice of pasta.

Well I am off to have a Gleeful evening… again…

When did you join Facebook?