Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crystal City Twilighter

It was hot hot hot in DC this weekend! What better way to celebrate the 100+ degrees temps than running a 5k?


Saturday evening my friend Courtney and I ran the Crystal City Twilighter. I had heard great things about this race and loved that it was literally right outside my front door.


I was very impressed with how well the race was organized. We received an e-mail a few days before the race instructing us to drink plenty of water the day of the race.


At the race, the organizers had plenty of cold water, mist machines and ice sponges. While the temperature was not enjoyable, it really was not bad, especially once the sun went down.


Courtney and I stayed together the entire race and beat her goal time of 36 minutes by 3 minutes! We also finished very very strong, sprinting across the finish line!


Do you notice anything funny about my race stats?

Yes, apparently I traveled all the way from Anchorage, CA to compete. When I went to look up our race stats I double even triple checked that this was in fact me. But the bib number doesn’t lie!


After the race we met up with friends and scoured the post race party. We were a little disappointed that we only got one beer :( but were very happy with the amount of loot we walked away with. I got Muscle Milk, fruit and lots and lots of mini Lara Bars. I probably went way overboard with the Lara Bars, but they are the perfect size for long runs.


We finished the evening with some champagne for Courtney. Unfortunately most of the champagne I picked up from my grandmother’s apartment was not good. At least we got one good bottle!


How have race organizers impressed you? Have you ever attended a race that was not very well organized?