Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yoga, I have missed you!

This past fall I was really into Yoga. I would go anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week. The extra stretching really helped my running. I was having less IT Band issues and I felt rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, my new obsession for BodyPump has prevented me from maintaining a regular Yoga class. I know this has to change with the upcoming marathon. Tonight I felt sore from BodyPump yesterday, so I spent some quality Yoga time watching Gilmore Girls.


Overall, I feel like I get the best Yoga workout in class, but I am have a very hard time committing to a schedule.

This weekend our camping trip got cancelled due to the rainy forecast, therefore I am determined to go to yoga class Sunday morning before seeing Gnomeo and Juliet with Jay. I really want Sunday morning Yoga to work with my schedule, but for some reason I just can’t commit to a weekend class.


In other news, today I decided to change my work schedule. I have subconsciously played with the idea for months, but for some reason today I decided I deserve every other Friday off. Thankfully, my job lets us work a flexible work week. Starting May 27th, I will have the privilege to stay home every other Friday and do whatever my heart desires!! I am soo excited!! The best part is, I practically work the extended hours as it is. Extended as in 45 mins to an hour longer a day. Also, on the work front a little shout-out to a coworker that helped me rehang all the decorations in my office!

Does your work offer a flexible work week and do you take advantage of it? If you can not work a flexible work week, would you?