Friday, May 13, 2011

Four Things Friday!!

1. Yay it’s finally Friday, Friday, Friday!

Ok, I am a little obsessed with the Glee version of Rebecca Black’s Friday. I blame my boss who joked with me that I was playing this song while filing. Filing that I haven’t done in about… a month… or two. eek!

2. This is what my Facebook Wall looks like.

fb wall

Yes, it is filled with wedding stuff from my bridesmaids. I am so thankful that they are actually into this whole bridesmaid thing. And yes, one of my girls tagged me in the Bridesmaid movie pic.

3. Oh Gnome you Didn’t!


Next week Jay will be an uncle! With our upcoming movie date to see Gnomeo & Juliet I became a little obsessed with finding gnome things to buy Jay’s new nephew. Now, you are probably wondering “why gnomes?”. Jay and I started buying Jeanette gnome statues about a two years ago and it just became a thing. So why shouldn’t we continue the tradition with her kid?


4. Two images I do not need to se for a while…


need I say more?

Where you affected by the blogger break-down? How did you cope?

Who things blogger needs a fun image like the Twitter whale? At least when Twitter breaks down I get something pleasant to look at!!