Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best Friend BBQ

What a great weekend!!! I was sad that camping with my parents did not work out, but honestly, you would not be able to tell. I had a great day with the girls yesterday buying NEW CLOTHES!!! Do you know the last time I bought a lot of new clothes in one shop? Like never! Below is one of my new outfits!


  • Shoes: Sperry Boat Shoes
  • Shorts: Old Navy
  • Tank: Target
  • Cardigan: Gap Outlet
  • Hat: Old Navy

As I mentioned earlier this week, we saw Gnomeo and Juliet today. It was cute but certainly no Shrek!!! After the movie, Jay and I rode our bikes to the Old Town Trader Joe’s to pick up some Veggie Burgers. God forbid we run out!!


After our little bike ride, we came back to our Crock Pot BBQ. I really like how simple it is to cook with and that I get to use gifts from all my best friends!! I used the Crock Pot that Val (and Josh) gave me when they moved in together, a curvy knife Charlotte gave me for my birthday for chips and the Crock Pot Recipe Book Bri gave me when I graduated college.


Doesn’t it look delicious!!!


I served the BBQ over quinoa with corn and chips. You can find the Crock Pot BBQ Recipe here. To make the chips, I cut potatoes using the curvy knife and baked them at 350 for about 45 minutes. Make sure you use foil and cooking spray under-and-on-top of the chips.

Do you cook with a Crock Pot? Tell me about your favorite Crock Pot Dish.

I actually did not grow up with a Crock Pot. My mom always made her chili and slow-cook dishes on the stove or in the oven in a plain old pot. At first I was very skeptical of the Crock Pot; I mean can you really trust something you leave on all day? In the end I really like our new Crock Pot.