Monday, May 30, 2011

Marathon Monday

Hi y’all!!! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!

I thought I would drop in and give you an update on Marathon Training that starts TOMORROW!!


First let’s talk about my marathon experience goals. My first goal is to run the entire thing (except water breaks). I have on my bucket list to RUN a marathon, therefore I actually want to run it, with no walking breaks.

Second, I want this to be a positive experience, because who knows, I may only run one marathon. Therefore my goal is to not skip a training run unless I absolutely have to for injury’s sake.

Jay’s final goal for me is that I don’t whine… ha, like I will have trouble meeting that one (unless I get runner’s knee really badly). No but seriously, running a marathon is hard, and can bring on some strong emotions, so for my lovely fiancé I will try my hardest to not let those emotions overwhelm me.

What are your running goals?


After talking to a coworker who has run her fair share of marathons, I decided my schedule needed a revamp.

Some of the advice I took away from our conversation included:

  1. Try to incorporate a 22 mile run. On the day of the race, mentally having to push yourself 4 more miles rather than 6 more miles will be a lot easier.
  2. Run two 20 mile runs. This advice goes along with the advice above. mentally you will feel more confident and physically you will be a little more prepared.
  3. During the week run based on time not distance. I really loved this advice because I am such a creature of habit. It will be so much easier to get into the habit of running for 45 or 60 minutes in the morning rather than a certain distance. Her advice was that as training progresses, you should progress and slowly run further and further in the allotted time. Running based on time also gives you the opportunity to watch your splits, which is important with distance running.
  4. Wear spray sunscreen, it will not drip as much on those hot summer days.

With her advice, I give you our new marathon training schedule:


What is your marathon training advice?

Since marathon training will start taking over the blog the next few months, I gave y’all an easier way to keep up with the madness. On the right-hand side of the screen under Reader Favorites you will find my 2011 Marine Corps Marathon links.


This section includes a link to my constantly updated schedule, training posts and the official MCM website.

Wish me luck!!

Please keep the advice coming!! I loved all the feedback on my “The Blog Prep Talk” post.