Friday, April 22, 2011

Preparing for the Weekend

Happy Earth Day!!!


I planted some Tomato Seeds last weekend. Overnight, I saw some real progress!

Tonight, Jay is off studying downtown for finals next week, so I spent some quality time getting ready for the weekend in Baltimore, watching TV and enjoying someone else's cooking.


Travis made Mary and I dinner from Cooking Light Magazine. It was delicious and hit the spot. I loved the asparagus, nice and crunchy and perfect for a damp cold spring evening.

Tomorrow, Jay and I are seeing three venues with my mom. As the OCD person that I am, tonight I had to make sure that my GPS had all the venues programmed into it, I had all the contact information down and that I had adequately stalked the venues websites. Check, check and check!


Because we are spending Easter with my parents in Baltimore, I had to pack. Packing is always easy when you bring along your own laundry!!!


Sunday morning, to celebrate Easter, I get to join the family at the club for our favorite brunch buffet. I am hoping to be sly and photograph their delicious food!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Are you celebrating a Holiday this week? How do you celebrate?