Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

This mornings coffee is brought to you by Vikings and the letter N.


The Vikings came to my parents all the way from Iceland courtesy of my older brother, Jim. Him and his wife went there for their Honeymoon. I know not traditional but so cute considering they are both Red Heads!!


And, of course, this morning is also brought to you by the Easter Bunny!! Who still comes in our household, even for individuals who do not return home in the evening… I guess we will excuse my younger brother this time. He is hosting me in Carolina in 2 week.

And for all you Baltimoreans out there, our Easter Baskets were brought to us by Rheb’s Candy Co. Let’s just say they are delicious!!!


Remember my parents kitchen at Christmas? Well here it is now!!!


Can you tell she is stocked for her Royal Wedding Champagne Brunch? Let’s hope I do it blog justice next Friday!!

How are you celebrating this Holiday week/weekend?