Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Black Jack Pasta

Today work was crazy!! The only problem with vacations is that you have to make sure your butt is covered while you are gone. Plus, it is our busy busy season. If Jay didn’t have spring break now, I would never have taken off an entire week. Yes, I am taking off an entire week. This will be my first entire week off since I started my job post grad school. Needless to say this hit me as I was walking home and made me instantly smile. I deserve this break and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

For dinner, I made fridge pasta (aka everything that would go bad in the fridge plus stuff from the pantry and freezer because we tried not to buy a lot of food this week). It was delicious!


Besides being busy busy busy today, we also noticed a strange smell (like burning rubber) near my office and then within 30 minutes the lights in the hall were out. This was enough to convince me to bring home my wine and other goodies that have been collecting in my office.


The wine was delicious and made my day 1,000x better!


Now I am off to finish packing (oh wait, start packing my own bag). Above is a picture of our camping supplies that we are checking. I realize y’all know very little about our trip to California (except that we are going to San Fran) and I kind of like it that way. It will add to the fun of when I return. Winking smile