Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stress Free Meat-less Tacos

Let me first tell you about dinner before describing this nice little graphic below.


For dinner, Jay made Mary and I meatless Tacos.


The poor guy didn’t know he was making us meatless until after he looked up how to make Tacos. Poor guy!!! Since we didn’t have any meat in the apartment, he was stuck with Mary and my grand plan, Tofu and Black Bean Tacos.

This was a very simple meal. Jay drained the cubed Tofu, sautéed on high for about 5 minutes, added the amount of water indicated on the taco seasoning package, added the taco seasoning and the black beans. Let cook for about another 5 minutes on medium heat.

You can’t beat a simple delicious meal that someone else cooked for you!!!


At least dinner was stress free! Last night I completely stressed myself out about our upcoming trip to California. It did not help that I spent the better part of the evening planning our trip to Europe for May 2012… That probably helps explain the map above huh? More details on the trip once I return from Cali.

For now I need to work on cleaning my room and packing for my upcoming trip!!!


Do you go over board planning vacations?

I love to travel!!! I have just been so excited to have the chance to backpack across Europe that I got carried away. At least we have an overall plan allowing me to calm down. Today we also ironed out some final details of our California trip and I finished writing all of my posts for when I am gone. A big thank you to Iowa Girl Eats for her post on her Top Ten Things To Do in San Francisco. No I was not the one who e-mailed her, it was just shear coincidence. And, please come visit my blog next week while I am on vacation!!! I am running recaps of all my international trips (except Canada). I even had some help from my travel companions. Thank you Mom, Dad and Jay!! They were a lot of fun to write. I hope you like reading them as much as I enjoyed reliving them.