Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wedding

One of the many things I love about my trips to Orlando is filling my head with Chick Lit. In January, my book of choice was Nicholas Sparks' The Wedding. I decided to pick up this book after reading a comment on Kath's post about Safe Haven. Sarena commented that The Wedding was her favorite Sparks book, even more than The Notebook. At that comment, I knew what book I would be reading on the plane!

And, I was not let down. I am not sure I would call this book my favorite Sparks book, but I will say I liked it better than The Notebook. I will also have to say that The Last Song is one of my favorite Sparks books.

With all that being said, I enjoyed The Wedding for its plot and characters. The story is about a couple who are about to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. A year earlier, Wilson, the husband, had forgotten their 29th anniversary. As you can imagine, his wife, Jane, was pretty upset. The book revolves around Wilson courting his wife to fall back in love with him.

I found this book very touching. Wilson went to all sorts of lengths to go the extra mile. He really learned how to put Jane and her needs before himself. I strongly believe in second chances and this book takes second chances to a whole new level.

As you know, I am heading down to Orlando today for a week for work. I have various posts planned for y'all, from book reviews to guest posts. Please check back often and leave comments, I enjoy reading every single one! Until next week!!!

What book are you currently reading?

For this trip I have decided to read In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner, because no Orlando trip is complete without Chick Lit. I also have Harry Potter on hand. I have to be prepared for our one event at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Jealous?!?! Full details next week!