Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tofu Try 2

Today when I came home from work, I promptly pulled the Tofu out of the fridge, drained the water and let the remaining water drain under numerous cookbooks. Totally normal!!!

And then I went to BodyPump. I want your opinion on the new release!!! I hate it but love it. I like that I use my own body weight for the triceps track. I hate that I use my own body for the triceps track. I am sure I will love it this summer when I am in a bathing suit with amazing arms... or when I complete a marathon...

When I arrived home, arms shaking from BodyPump, I cut the Tofu into squares and sauteed it in olive oil. Half way through I added some onion. Meanwhile, I rinsed the Millet and threw it in a pot with water 2:1 ratio.

After letting the Tofu cook for about 3 minutes each side I added the other fresh vegetable, zucchini and mushrooms. After a few minutes I topped the mix with Trader Joe's Garlic Marinara Sauce and a can of Italian Diced Tomatoes.

The result =

What is your favorite Tofu recipe?