Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen Walls

Guess who got their haircut today?!?!?! Yes, this lucky girl!

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but it is the best one of my new hairdo! I really like it! It is about 3 inches shorter (the static of long hair was driving me crazy!) and it frames my face well. Live in DC? Looking for a stylist? E-mail me or comment, I love my hairstylist!

Workout included some yoga this morning and extra stretching this evening. My heel has been hurting ever since Sunday. I thought this was strange considering we went on our long run Saturday. I looked up some stretches online and will be doing them the next few days (and some icing). I plan to take it easy-ish again tomorrow. Just my BodyPump class and am hoping to be able to run 4 miles Thursday.

Dinner was simple tonight, just a Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burger on fresh bread with spinach and avocado. Delicious!

A little humor for you all. Jay and I are by no means the home decorating couple, but lately, a few odd things have made their way to our walls.

It all started with a clock that used to hang in my grandparents condo.

Long story short (yeah, right..), when my grandparents moved into their retirement home they asked us to put notes on things we wanted. Well, my middle school (or maybe younger) self took them seriously and thought this also pertained to their condo in Ocean City, Maryland. A few summers ago, my uncle was in the condo, replacing batteries in a few items, including the Sun Clock. He took it down from the wall and saw in little girl handwriting "Sarah wants this". He laughed telling me this at the next holiday and promised that it would be mine when it "retired". This summer when visiting he condo, I was shocked that the Sun Clock was missing?!?!?! I just let it go (obviously upset). About a month later my mom says to me that Uncle Bob had saved me the Sun Clock and left it with his tools at the beach.

I was thrilled!!! The clock was probably one of our first wall decorations. And, appropriately for the beach, I made sure its hands are stuck on 5 o'clock!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Jay breaks a plate while microwaving popcorn... I hate when he microwaves popcorn, it gets all over the microwave!!! I don't understand it, popcorn is one of the easiest things to make. But, Jay has learned the skill of getting popcorn butter all over the kitchen every time he microwaves it.

Guess what he did with the broken plate?

He hung it on our wall?!??!

This meant only one thing! Kitchen hanging war!

Fast forward to this weekend. When my parents remodeled their kitchen, they cleaned out. This weekend they brought me boxes of kitchen stuff to look through (including lots of cookbooks!). One of the items was this colander that has been there my entire life. Ok, I am kind of obsessed with it. It is old and no longer useful, but its pretty (and maybe an antique?).

And, it definitely looked like one of the colanders used as a helmet in "Be Kind Rewind".

I couldn't let it go to Goodwill... I had to save it. I had the perfect revenge.

Have you hung anything odd on your walls? Tell me about it, or even better, give me a link to a picture of it!