Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Opa

Today is my grandfather's 91st birthday! To celebrate, I am heading over to their retirement community this afternoon for a Birthday dinner.

In honor of an amazing 91 years, I give you a few family photos. A few years ago, when my grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary party, my mom and I put together a PowerPoint presentation of family photos. Yesterday morning I finally got the chance to upload some of those photos to my external hard drive.

What does this means for y'all? Old family photos!!! I know y'all are excited!

The first photo is my grandfather, whom we call Opa, in 1932. He is just 12 years old.

My grandparents met as teenagers. Below is a photo of them on Skyline Drive in 1941. Of all the old photos of them this is my favorite because they are laughing. As you can imagine due to the times, most of the photos we have of them are "posed" and therefore they are not smiling. Boy have things changed.

Opa served in the Army. Below is one of the few photos we have of him in service. Captain Jeffers, 1946 preparing to jump in Japan.

Jumping ahead 30ish years, below is another priceless photo. My grandparent's ice skating at their river house in the 1970's. I think this picture really captures their relationship. My grandfather adores my grandmother and still does to this day.
At an early age, my grandparents were bit by the travel bug. As a military family, they traveled and lived in various countries. Below is a picture of them on a Folks March in Germany 1986. Folks Marches and hiking were among their favorite activities when they retired.

And while my grandparents have had a very adventurous life. When I think of Opa, I only remember fun and games. Whether we are playing Parcheesi (maybe that is where my love of board games came from).

Battling pirates on the high seas.
Or, just hanging out on the pier.

This Opa will always be celebrated for his fun and games, no matter his age!

How do you celebrate your grandparents birthdays or memories?

I have to say, I am very blessed. I had all four of my grandparents until I was 21. While we love to celebrate the birthdays of my 3 remaining grandparents, we always remember those we've lost. R.I.P. PopPop. You will never be forgotten.