Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow + Workout = "Easy" Dinner

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, DC got a little bit of snow last night. Unfortunately, it was just enough to be slightly annoying yet not enough to effect my life in the slightest. At least it was pretty!

Sorry for the last two pictures are terrible, they are from my phone. The first is outside my metro station and the second is from my office window.

After work, I got a quick 20 minutes in on the elliptical before BodyPump. I don't think I have been this in love with a class before. Tonight, the instructor worked us extra hard which I appreciated since I have been slightly over eating. I have just been sooo hungry.

I blame it on my new training schedule, the abundance of bagels in the office, my attempt to cut back on the peanut butter and Christmas candy. I will promise to be better next week, aka I am almost done my Christmas candy and the bagels will be gone at work. Lesson learned: I need to start bringing a healthy carb with me to work.

Update: I have already gone off my training schedule and plan to go off again tomorrow... but I figure it is all a learning experience that will allow me to more accurately create my marathon training schedule.

For dinner, I made some fresh veggie mayhem. Since the Holidays, I have not stocked up our kitchen... this makes "quick and easy" dinners complicated.

Tonight, I chopped and sauteed some chicken, frozen spinach and fresh veggies and served it over a nice bed of pasta.

It wasn't much but it was delicious and hit the spot!

What foods do you always keep in stock?

I usually have all the ingredients for Chili and Spaghetti, which includes canned beans, diced tomatoes and tomato paste. I also try to keep the freezer stocked with veggie burgers and frozen veggies. These ingredients are so versatile, plus I can always fall back on the meals they were intended for, Chili or Spaghetti...