Monday, December 27, 2010

Kitchen Remix

Sorry I was MIA the past 36ish hours. Life at home is always crazy as I try to squeeze in as many people as possible. I thought I was successful!

One of the joys about being home, was seeing my parents partially renovated kitchen. Let's just say it is a work in progress... Thankfully, the stove was put in on the 23rd, so we were able to enjoy our traditional Christmas morning Eggs Benedict. Below are just a few pictures of how the kitchen looked when i left Sunday evening.

Can you tell they are still trying to figure out which color to pick?!?!?

At least the trip made me so thankful that I have a dishwasher. Hand-washing dishes in the basement got old real quick!!! I just can't wait to see it all finished!!!

I promise to be back tomorrow with something a little bit more exciting... like my New Years Resolutions and plans to stay healthy through 2011! Let's just say my workout routine is gettin' a little lift.

In what ways was your Holiday a little chaotic?