Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it too early for this?

Now that I have celebrated Thanksgiving twice, do you think the above picture is appropriate?

Well, my roommates do! I came home last night after that awful day and found this waiting for me. I thought it was sweet.

And, I love that our tree looks like the Charlie Brown tree.


Besides our decision to start celebrating Christmas early, I decided it was time for a new pair of running shoes.

My old ones were just starting to feel warn down. Thankfully I had a pair waiting for me at the top of my closet!

So glad I made the switch!

They were the best part of my 3 miles run this afternoon. The worst part? All the food I ate at the Thanksgiving Potluck.

The Potluck went very well, but I definitely ate way too much (like 2 plates too much and 2 desserts). That is the only problem with the holidays, too much good food that I can never choose what to eat.

My strategy next week, small portions and I will just keep reminding myself that it won't disappear. Just because I don't eat it today doesn't mean it will disappear tomorrow! Do you have this same Holiday food problem?

And finally, my Healthy Thanksgiving Leftover Snack. Because I had too much today, I had a small dinner with some of our leftovers. This petite meal had Sauerkraut, Root Roasted Veggies and Mom's Fresh Cranberry Relish. It was soo good and soo light!

Looove it! What is your favorite leftover concoction?

and Are you going to see Harry Potter tomorrow? I am!!! And I am dressing up!!! Guess who? Ok, if you know me it isn't that hard to guess. Because tomorrow is Thursday, expect a Thanksgiving Thursday recipe, but I'll be back Friday with a full recap of the movie!